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Curlssential Reversible Satin Headcap

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This headcap keeps your styled curls fresh and ready to go, even after a good night's sleep! Made with pure satin and snug-fit elastic, it protects your hair from friction caused by your usual linen sheets and maintains your curls’ natural oils and moisture. This has a reversible design leaving you with two color options in one cap.

How to Use:
〰️ Gather all your styled or refreshed curls to your nape
〰️ Gently pull-up your ends to your crown
〰️ Wear the Reversible Satin Headcap and carefully tuck your curls in
〰️ You may use bobby pins to keep the headcap in place

Charmeuse Satin

〰️ Obsidian & Pure
〰️ Cream & Coco

Size: Free Size

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