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Curlssential Silk Scrunchies

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Made of durable elastic garter and pure satin fabric, this Satin Scrunchie gently holds thick, voluminous hair in place without the fuss. The smooth satin texture helps lessen hair crease, minimize frizz, and avoid hair breakage when styling or pulling.

How To Use:
〰️ Gather your hair into your desired height and pull it into a ponytail, bun, or any desired style
〰️ You may smoothen your hair with some gel and a fine-tooth comb for a cleaner look
〰️ Lay your edges with our Edge brush if you’re feeling extra!

Colors and Materials:
〰️ Obsidian - Charmeuse Satin
〰️ Pure - Charmeuse Satin
〰️ Cream - Charmeuse Satin
〰️ Nude-ish - Charmeuse Satin
〰️ Coco -Charmeuse Satin
〰️ Gray - Silk
〰️ Blue - Silk

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